Unapologetic Living: The Old Me, Dead & GONE!

Dearly, Beloved, I Pronounce These Actions DEAD!

Heyyyy Guys,

So, if you haven’t noticed by now, music is my everything. As you can see, I listen to a variety of music. Sometimes when I don’t have the words to say, a song can articulate how I am feeling. Lately, I have been listening to T.I. Song Dead And Gone, from his Paper Trail Album Featuring Justin Timberlake. I’ve had this song playing on repeat for days. This song speaks of my current mood. The old me is dead and gone…..dead and gone. Continue reading

Is Perfection Killing You? #UnaplogeticLiving

Beyonce’ Pretty Hurts

Decoding This Song

WOW! The things we do to hurt ourselves to gain approval from others. When I first heard this song a few years ago, it really touched me deeply because I know what it is like to smile….smile….smile when people are around but once everyone was gone, there was a dark cloud of self-hate floating over my head. My Achilles heel was my body image and people-pleasing. Continue reading