The Meditations Of My Mind And The Metaphors Of My Heart.

New Series: Writing Through Pain And Grief. #2

I’ve attended a writers workshop in February of 2020 entitled Finish Your Book Already by Ashley Graham. During the workshop, is where I learned to use metaphors as a writing prompt. Since then, creating metaphors has become my nightly ritual where I roll the dice, formulate my thoughts based upon the words chosen, and create metaphors from my life circumstances which is therapeutic. The metaphors below were written in the year 2020 before and after my mom’s cancer diagnosis.

Metaphor 1.)

It hurts my heart to know my mother is going through silent stomach pain. From my understanding, it has been going on for months. I am helpless because I wish I can help her. At this point, I am looking to God for a promise of healing.

Metaphor 2.)

My mom is my past, my present and my future. Currently, I do not know what the future may hold. The pain of possibly losing my mother seems unnatural, unruly to my heart. I feel so broken. So much time wasted over the years fussing and fighting. I wish I can turn back the hands of time. My mother is always near, celebrating all my milestones. I’ve already learned to cherish the beautiful slideshow in my memories.

Metaphor 3.)

I now recognize the voice of my craven fears are the reason I sleep, am drained, am sad, so sad I sometimes do not have the energy to do more. I hate how depression shoots me into a whirlwind of low energy. But then, after being tired of being sick and tired of living in despair, I look through the lens of my belief system. I see those things that haven’t manifested as though they are happening right now. I see God turning things around for my best interest. I also notice I am strong in the Lord. He is my strength. I can trust him with my all, even to heal my mom from cancer.

I did not have the opportunity to write a metaphor surrounding hope. But today, I am not as sad about my mom’s diagnosis because I expect that God is healing her. I know it is natural to accept misfortune, but I am a prayer warrior. God gets the final say, and His word declares in Jeremiah 31:17, ” There is hope in your future.” I believe in my heart there is hope for my mother’s future—the hope of peace, love, healing, abundance, and long healthy life.

Fun snap shot of mom & me.

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