The Meditations of My Mind and The Metaphors Of My Heart.

New Series: Dear Narcissist. #1

Metaphors from the voice of an empowered empath. I chose to use my voice to ignite healing, provoke thought, and meet people where they are physically, mentally, and spiritually. I hope to share the true yet raw metaphors of my heart. My prayer is that every person can feel the energy of my words through my writings. The purpose of this new metaphor series is to provide a voice to those who are struggling with managing their emotions or who are having a hard time taking back their power from the people in their lives with aggressive personalities.. In today’s category, I address the once uncontrollable narcissist in my life. Boy, it feels good to be FREE! All metaphors shared in this series were written by me in the year 2020. Enjoy.

Metaphor 1.)

I’ve learned a little bit more about what it means to be manipulated by the lies people sometimes tell. Manipulation is like a kiss laced in deceit, keeping silent the truth, making it challenging to discern what is fact or fiction.

Metaphor 2.)

People with dominating personalities do not easily influence me. My rebellious nature often is perceived as drama. I refuse to go along with the crowd, or except someone else narrative, especially if it doesn’t feel right within my spirit. If I agree, I say yes. If I do not agree, I say no. No one will exercise their superiority over me, but God.

Metaphor 3.)

The sad news is attention seekers will do anything in their power to remain relevant. Personally speaking, these kinds of people love me until I exercise my right to think freely. The minute they realize the nice, sweet woman I am will not yield to manipulation by becoming a “yes-man”, I become the bullseye that threatens their need for self-importance. They will do anything to try to make me submit to their will. Even attempt to throw darts at my happiness. The good news is I LOVE MYSELF! For this reason, their negative emotional smear campaign does not weaken my self-esteem because I know who I am.

Metaphor 4.)

Dear Narcissist, Unbeknownst to me, for years, you had the power to trigger me emotionally with your overbearing need for attention. It used to make me mad how you would attack my character with your exaggerated lies the minute I would oppose your self-important antics. Today I am well educated on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Instead of performing like an enraged party clown the minute you try to exercise your superiority over me, I recognize your actions towards me are manipulative. I choose to stand firm knowing who I am while disengaging in your excessive need for admiration.

I Wasn’t Created To Stroke Your Ego is a message I created to stop every narcissist in their tracks. BACK UP OFF ME!

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