The Power To Evolve Is In Your Hands.

Take Back YOUR Power To Be Yourself.

Have you ever observed your emotions when you find out your character’s picture painted is not true? What do you say when your name is under attack? How does it feel when someone is perpetuating a lie about who you are to their friends and family? Sit and feel those emotions because how you are feeling is real. Anger is a natural emotion every human being has built inside the fabric of our humanity. Do not suppress your feelings. It is healthy to acknowledge the fact that the actions against you have made you upset.

Yes, it is frustrating dealing with slander, especially when you have no other allies in the situation. It is hurtful when there is no one around who understand your grievance. You want so bad for someone to understand your point while also defend your character by proving to the bystanders that what’s spoken of you is not true.

Surviving The Betrayal Of The Portrayal

Are you ready for some excellent advice for dealing with a betrayal of the portrayal? The best way to defend your character is to say nothing at all. Seriously, SAY NOTHING! Now I know this is CRAZY information coming from someone who has fought her battles her entire life-fussing back and forth with people because they have misunderstood my point of view or whatever the case may be. Trust me, the only way to defend your honor is to live your life. Beyonce told us back 2016 to always stay gracious, and the best revenge is our paper, a lyrical line in her song Formation. I know it is VERY tempting to stand your ground, but for what? No matter what you say, that person or persons talking trash about you have ZERO intentions to understand where you are coming from, especially if they do not like you. There is nothing that will change their mind about you. And so I say let them do what they want—waste no more time on a defamer. Life is too short for drama.

Truth Moment:

I will say this, what often bothers me about some people is they do not tell the truth. I know some people do not like me (which is cool) but be honest about it. It shouldn’t be a challenging task, to be honest about how they feel. It saves a lot of time and energy to cut ties all together. In the land of politically correctness it is more comfortable to say, ” I love you sis.” pretending to showcase admiration. Blowing sunshine up my butt has become a hobby for some because they are trying to prove to the people they have recruited in the smear campaign against me that they are different. Their plan may works for a while but eventually people always see the real me.

Observing it all, it seems like a whole lot of work proving to others they are better than me. It is all a game. Fighting like a child isn’t a game I am willing to play anymore. I would rather stay focus on my passions, energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for life as I progress forward. I recognize that every situation I encounter in life isn’t to hurt me but to teach me. I thank God daily for being openminded to learning the lessons I need to know to become a better person and leader. When becoming a leader, I know it is important for me to think and move differently. Behaving like a grownup is a choice I have decided to make for myself. It feels incredible to take back my power and be myself. I do not own the negativity that’s thrown my way. I can only control myself, and so I choose to move forward.

My Message To You.

I understand life sometimes gets hard. Some people wish to permanently keep you in the position of shame from a mistake you’ve made. The whole goal is to make you feel awful about yourself, and many times because of the mishap, your emotions get the better of you. I end this post, letting you know that you are still a great person regardless. As you navigate situations, remember you can not change other people, you can only change yourself. People can say what they want about you (lie or the truth), but YOU ARE NOT UNDER THEIR CONTROL! You do not have to hold on to the shame. As you began to evolve from those dominating controlling energies…Conclude that YOU ARE FREE! You are no longer under the control of their words, actions and or thoughts of you.

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