Depression: I Can’t Fake The Funk.

Honestly Examining My Emotions.

Previously to COVID-19, I try to celebrate myself and my drive to accomplish my goals. I would look for personal victories daily. It has always been important to me to move forward. But lately, I have been depressed.

Although I try to win-win-win no matter what, my inner spirit is vacant. I’ve searched everywhere for motivation, confirmation, and self-empowerment. But, I can’t help but feel slighted. The year 2020 has thrown what feels like one hundred curve balls at me in minutes. It feels like I hadn’t had time to recover from the last devastating blow before something else has popped up. Inwardly, deep in a section of my soul, I feel broken. However, even with the crack in my heart, I can see a tiny glimmer of light.

In the center of the light, I find joy in the fact that all my needs are met. My family and I have all the love we need in this time of difficulty. Although I acknowledge I am depressed, I am thankful for true love and the light.

Dr. Kelly Vincent, Psychologist.

Hey you, It’s okay to not be okay. You are allowed to feel off. A gentle reminder, feelings EBB and flow and thoughts are not facts.

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