Dear My Babies: An Open Letter to my 5 Children.

My 5 Beautiful Children

We have been still together as a family for two months due to the ramification of the COVID-19 shelter in place. I must say it has taught me to appreciate the simple things. Previous to the Corona virus World Pandemic, I would want a more noise-free home. I thank God for being able to hear you guys talking and laughing loudly with one another, especially from the riddles your father share with you. Hearing the random outburst of you guys yelling at people online while playing video games doesn’t seem to bother me as much as it used too unless I overhear cussing in our home. Yall know I do not represent children using profanity. But I also know kids will be kids. Instead of getting bent out of shape when I hear cussing while you boys are playing video games, I merely kindly tell you to stop cussing in our home. Honestly, I thank God for the sounds of life that ring out in our home. Even during a time of immense uncertainty, I feel joy all the time when I am around you.

I smile to myself when Be’ and Bre ask me for a cup of coffee. I know you girls are too young to be drinking coffee, but it is fun seeing your faces light up when you hear me say, ” Sure, you can have a cup of coffee.” I am happy to witness the many adventures of you, my daughters. You girls find creative ways to enjoy life. I like seeing you two play outside and riding your bikes. Your art station set up in the family room has become a place you express what is on your mind. I am delighted at you two joined at my hip, chilling in my bedroom while we have fascinating conversations about everything.

Adrian and Bre playing hide-go-seek? Running fast up and down the stairs giggling with huge belly laughs does not bother me anymore. I would rather hear the joy in our home than sorrow.

Aaron, although you drive me CRAZY eating us out a house and home, I secretly love the fantastic aroma of you cooking omelets and hamburgers. The way you season your food is almost on my level. It smells amazing.

I appreciate the random hugs you all give me. I recognized that if we weren’t forced into quarantined, you, my sons would never be home. You would always be out and about with your friends. I would be an afterthought. So I am thankful for your expressive love language towards me. I need your hugs more than you’ll ever know.

Rae, your dad and I have shared with you plenty of times how ecstatic we are to see your commitment to still doing well in college. You didn’t allow this world pandemic to stop you from fulfilling your goals.

Honestly, I thank you guys for your patients. I am proud that you all are good sports with adapting to distance learning. My heart goes out to you. It isn’t easy having your mom as your homeschool teacher. I know you guys miss your routine of going to school every day. You lost daily contact with your friends and teachers. I pray you all can get your lives back soon.

Let me not forget to show gratitude for the fact that God has become apart of our daily conversation. Yes, we are living in scary times, yet our Heavenly Father has kept us safe. We pray more as a family. We are together more. I have learned to put my guard down and just lay back and be. It is a miracle to have you here with me. I thank God for your lives: good health and strength.

I know it can be a burden to have your lives change in an instant due to the remnants of the shelter in place due to the Corona virus. But I am so happy to see that you did not allow all these sudden changes to send you to a state of depression. You, my children, are strong. I pray to God to continue to bless, cover, and keep us safe.

As your mother, with every breath in my body, will do all I can to make sure you guys are safe and secure. I will continue to maintain our home, sanitize every item that comes into our house, so you do not have to worry. My goal is to keep the stress levels down. That is why I am so keen on aromatherapy. I know first hand the importance of creating a relaxing atmosphere. Above all, I want you guys to know how much I LOVE YOU! I love you with my entire being. Our lives are not perfect, yet it is OK. You are my blessings from God. Always know I am here for you.

When we commit to others, we position ourselves to see God move in a way that we otherwise couldn’t. ~Unknown

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