Being Neutral?

Okay, let’s have an honest conversation. Many of us choose to remain neutral because it is much easier not to ruffle someone else feathers with our point of view. We sometimes believe that being silent will make an issue go away. However, being quiet does the complete opposite. Being silent often communicates that we do not have an opinion and that we are cool with what is happening to us and or around us. The issue never goes away when we are on the fence about sharing how we truly feel. Sometimes showing no active emotional involvement will allow a problem to keep growing until we put a stop to it by speaking up and sharing our thoughts.

We all have our individual opinions on the “what’s happenings” in our society‚Ķeven if we choose not to express ourselves. No matter what our Socio-economic backgrounds are; our authentic self is NOT a neutral person. Either expressive or non-expressive, WE have an opinion.

Being neutral is not reacting to anything that you, another person, a group, an organization, a government, or a country, thinks, say, does, or doesn’t think, say, do.

Take A Stand By Drawing A Line In The Sand.
Let’s examine a few seemingly minor societal issues that have morphed into appalling behavior by its perpetrators in the paragraphs below.

Public Enemy #1, Robert Kelly.

Lifetime Movie Network aired a six-part documentary series in January 2019 entitled Surviving R. Kelly. The purpose of the documentary series was to allow teenage girls and women of various ages the opportunity to share vile stories of their lives with R. Kelly. The expose’ disclosed allegations of abominable acts of physical, mental, and sexual abuse made by R. Kelly towards them throughout his 30-year musical career. Due to the outrageous claims, the movement #MuteRKelly was birth. Read more about the #MuteRKelly by clicking the link. The reason why the #MuteRKelly movement has become successful is that many people in our society decided not to remain neutral and picked a side. By not supporting R. Kelly music career, the message is clear that sexual assault or abuse will NOT be tolerated!

Currently, R. Kelly is facing charges of sexually abusing underage girls. Although there is a long history of alleged sex crimes, he has never been convicted in the court of law.

Public Enemy #2, White Nationalism.

The aftermath of the Charleston church shooting in 2015 sparked public outrage for the removal of all Confederate monuments and statues across America. White Nationalist seemed to have emerged from their hidden places to counter-protest boldly on behalf of white supremacy. Due to the conflict between white nationalist and the general public, Unite The Right Rally was born. To read more about the Unite The Right Rally, click the link here.

As extreme as the rally was, what made matters worse was the neutral attitude, President Donald Trump took in his refusal to denounce white supremacy. I do not believe President Donald Trump is a racist. However, him glossing over the seriousness of the rally so casually as if he too thinks the messages of white being the supreme race is okay. Honestly, I think that’s the reason people dispised Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” is because they associate it to White Supremacy.

Many people believe impartialness is what makes them a good person. They choose to be neutral, which forces an unauthentic attitude of political correctness that isn’t natural. Could you imagine a society where everyone turns a blind eye to what other people are going through? What if we turned a blind eye to teacher crossing the line of professionalism and openly have inappropriate relationships with their students of all ages? How would such actions affect our society? What if we showed no active emotional involvement in the biases, treatment, and senseless murders of people in the LGBTQ communities? There have to be systems set in place to protect ALL people from all walks of life. I believe any person who chooses to stand alongside the fence and refuse to pick a side relating to societal issues are the real causes of dysfunction. There are just some things that are utterly unacceptable of turning a blind eye too. There is no harmony in a lawless society. In the words of Malcolm X, “If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.”

What are your values? What do you believe? Share what you believe to be true. Draw that line in the sand. Where do you stand on today’s issues? I write today’s post encouraging you to permit yourself to be honest. It is no longer essential to be a “good person.” as much as it is to speak up on your beliefs. Yes, not everyone will agree with you. Your opinion will make some people upset. Please understand, I am not encouraging you to pick fights with people‚Ķthat isn’t healthy and isn’t my real stance on unapologetic living. However, when the opportunity presents itself, it is okay to share your authentic thoughts.

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