Ocean City Maryland
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Poem: Naturally Free

Free To Be My Authentic Self.

My guard is down. Not feeling ashamed.
Not caring who’s looking or who’s calling my name…
Walking straight ahead, no turning back.
Not caring who likes me or who’s stabbing my back.
I’ve never been this high before.
Awaking? I’ve been shaken up out of my sleep.
Awaken from my slumber…Awaken from defeat. 
No more emotional highs and lows.
Feeling sad, mad, depressed….You know how the story goes.
Not self-conscience about my weight, hair, or looks….
I don’t mind taking photos…I know how I look.
Two Strand Twist, Two Strand Twist.
Not mad cause my hair is short rocking my Two Strand Twist.
Not crazy because I don’t fit in.
Don’t need a crowd.
I am content with being my own best friend.
Enjoying me, not new and improved. I’ve always been this way.
I just hid it for years. Tried to fit society mold…community method.
Ha, you know how the story goes.
Conclusion? dumbing down myself just doesn’t work for me.
Enjoying myself Authentically and FREE!

~Written by Keianna Johnson~
© 2019 Keianna Johnson All Rights Reserved.

Hello My Friends.

Thank you for reading my poem Naturally Free. I initially wrote Naturally Free in the year 2015 as an anthem of me being rebellious against anything that came up against me. Also, a reuniting with my textured hair by wearing my Afro everywhere without shame, but my poem since has been revised. Today, Naturally Free meaning has evolved into allowing me to be the person God intended me to be; which is myself. I love how this poem is a symbol of the restructuring of my life. The opinions of others do not affect me nearly as much as it used to in the past. Walking to the beat of my drum is so liberating because my sound stands out from all the other drum beats. I no longer try to hide my music. It rings LOUD & PROUD! I thank God for growth because, without an increase, I would probably still be stuck on a merry-go-round that is going nowhere fast.

My Message To You.

I can not leave today’s post without sending you a special message of encouragement; so here goes: It may be hard, in the beginning, to figure out the rhythm to the beat of your drum, but once you find it, no one will EVER get a chance to cut in on your solo.

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