Oh What A Year: 2018 Year End Recap.

46766812_2015789265379690_8966756747465195520_nThe year 2018 was an adventure. The launch and release of my book Coming Of Age: The Easy Guide to Healthy Hair Care for Teens was indeed a life-changing experience. Every time I hold my book in my hand, I remember the entire writing process from start to finish. Thoughts that began in my head manifested outwardly in the physical on January 6, 2018. Amazon total sales were 216 copies, and 180 books sold live between the following events such as my book signing on February 25, Healthy Hair & Style Workshops for Teens, Shorty & Duwop Kids Hair Symposium on September 2, and The Back to Fun Book Fair on November 24. Not to mention some of the random book sales that happened in my children’s hair studio. How can I not enjoy working for myself? I’ve never felt this empowered in all my life. I know without a doubt that I can do anything I set my mind to do.

The undertakings of intentional parenting have solidified tight bonds with my family the entire year. We traveled, planned more local outings and supported one another: hubby and me purposefully set-aside time to spend with our children. I’ve introduced my children to the world of entrepreneurship by tagging them along with me (individually at times) to different events so they can learn what it takes to work for self. During the year, I’ve learned that Rae and Aaron have an eye for photography. Aaron also has a heart for illustration. Be’ has expressed her desire to become an author. As for the babies of our family, Adrian, and Bre, they still have time to figure out the secret sauce to their creativity. We are not a perfect family; however, we do love one another very much. I’ve learned investing quality time into my family has proven more and more to be the greatest blessing because quality time adds lifelong magic to family memories.



My family


The year 2018 was full of celebratory moments. The first memorable moment was when my mom planned a surprised launch party for me weeks before my book signing. During the party, my family and friends blessed me financially by gifting me money they had pinned to a board. I was able to put the money into my business by purchasing a banner, business cards and postcards for my book signing. Second, I attended the Royal Ladies Brunch host by Tanya Barnet on August 4. By mid-August, I was stressed out with life and needed rejuvenating. The energy in the room that exuded from the other ladies restored me. Third, On September 24, I participated as a children’s hairstylist in The Barbershop Back to School Bash. This community event expanded my reach to a different audience and introduced me to other groups of beauty professionals in D.C. Maryland and Virginia region. The best thing was we served the community by giving boys and girls free haircuts and hairstyles. The Barbershop Back to School Bash was my very first paid event. I hope to be asked to return next year. It was fun. — The last highlighted moment of the year was when co-founders Susan Peterkin, Angela Walker, and LB Beauty School sponsored me to attend The Natural Hair Industry Convention on November 9-11 in Atlanta Georgia. Visiting the convention allowed me to add another layer to my education while pursuing my passion. I’ve met some fantastic people, reconnected with industry friends and was able to add value to my business. My favorite part was the main stage presentations and classes:
Essence China | Perfecting the Flat Twist Updo.
Desarie Anderson, CPA EA | How Proper BookKeeping Can Reduce Your IRS Issues.
Diane C. Bailey | How to Give a Great Presentation


Behind The Scenes
The year 2018 was unique because of the people. My family (hubby, children, mom, mother-in-law, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles) empowered me the whole year through. They showed up, encouraged me, purchased books, treated me out and hosted events in honor of me. Ansylla showed up at my house on January 6 with balloons and yummy treats in hand being her usual supportive self. Bridgette and Nykisha, #MyPeaceOfMind held me down in my roller coaster life. The Whose Shoes Are You Wearing Community kept my focus on me and my goals. Gloria Erickson, Susan Peterkin, Anita Hill-Moses, Ansylla Ramsey, Julian B. Kiganda, Laquita Thomas, Zaye, Mesha Bazemore, Yah-Tay, Sheeks Brands LLC, Kids Konnection, clients, and industry peers, THANK YOU for bringing the fire. Because of you, my year ended strong. Thank you for the great conversations and the fun. Your support means the world to me.

My hope for 2019 is continued growth. I desire to allow God to be the head of my life, work and pray with purpose especially for the spirit of discernment. The beauty of stepping out on faith is becoming one with God while learning to allow him to be the anchor of my destiny. I end this day, December 31, 2018, with two quotes that have been sitting in my spirit for days.


“If you could be anything in the world, choose to be the absolute best version of yourself” Latoya Dennis

“I don’t look at what everyone else is doing. I just focus on us killing it.” Annette Roche

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