Sage Smudging for Aromatherapy.

Creating A Positive Atmosphere In My Home.

I have been on a quest for creating balance in my life. Lately, I have been so tired. Managing my business Chi Chi Sophistication Kids Natural Hair Studio has been taking up a considerable chunk of my time. Unless you are a hairstylist, most people do not know how taxing styling hair can be on the mind and body as well as always being available to continually servicing someone else needs. My career isn’t going away anytime soon, so I began looking for ways to be intentional about, creating a more favorable environment for my family and me.

What Research Say About Sage Smudging?

While researching natural home remedies, Sage Smudging sparked my attention because it neutralizes the air in the home by killing 94% of the germs in the air. Even after the next day, it is proven that smudging kills harmful airborne bacteria which can last up to 30 days. To learn more about Medicinal Smoke, read the following references: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3.


  • Sage
  • Heat resistant bowl
  • Lighter

All materials were purchased from Mom’s Organic Market.


Sage and Heat Resistant Bowl. Sage cost $5, and the price of the bowl was $8.99.

Smudge Preparation

I woke up at 5am. I prepared my atmosphere for smudging by cleaning up and listening to my favorite gospel music. I open the windows. As I allowed the smoke to fill my home, I prayed to God and gave thanks for my husband, children and for blessing us with a house. I asked for forgiveness while also asking God to lead, guide and protect my family. Before I knew it, I had spent hours talking to God in prayer. My children loved the smell of sage. I enjoyed answering the questions my children had about sage smudging. I appreciated this time alone with my family. It really felt good.


New Discovery

Spiders either love the smell of burning sage or they do not. But while I was smudging in my bedroom (which is located in the lower level of my home), ALL the spiders came out of their hidden places to greet me. I am terrified of spiders, so you know they had to die. However, it was fascinating to watch them be affected by the changes in the air that was happening in my bedroom.

I am going to commit to sage smudging my home once a month. I enjoyed talking to God during that time. It felt good to dedicate time to my personal life, something extremely beneficial for my family and me.


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