How To Stay Focus When Everything Seem To Be Going Wrong?

#ProtectingYourPeace #SelfCare

None of us are oblivious to being disappointed. Excuse my French, but shit happens. Even while trying to do all the right things, sometimes conflict seems to come out of nowhere. That’s life right? Although life happens, most of us are taught to make lemonade out of the sour lemons that have been tossed in our direction. And yes that sounds sweet, but what about the feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, and lack of trust deriving from the situations we sometimes find ourselves associated? The recipe for developing pink lemonade doesn’t sound as easy to create?

The Truth About Business & Personal

Let me share with you something that is real. Our obligations and or responsibilities do not change because the unexpected has happened. Sallie Mae, the mortgage, water, phone or power companies do not care to hear our sob stories. Our bills have a due date. They must be paid on time. It is hard sometimes to separate what we are feeling personally between what must have a successful conclusion professionally.

For me, there have been plenty of times I’ve allowed myself to become distracted by an outside force that made me furious to the point I had a hard time accomplishing my goals. I quickly learned that I could not allow life circumstances or the pettiness of this World to interfere with my career. I am not going to lie by pretending it isn’t an inward fight in protecting my peace. However, No one is ever that important that will let me mess up the opportunity to take care of my family or run my business. I have to make a living (MONEY) to maintain my life.


Trying to work while distracted will show in your body language.

And So The Questions Are….

How do we conquer our emotions after having hurt feelings? How do we stop focusing on what is wrong and began getting back into the swing of being productive? Below are a few suggestions to the questions listed above:

  1. Reposition Yourself: Assess the situation. Figure out what happened. Distinguish between the facts or fiction. Be honest about your true feelings on the matter. Pray. Make A decision. Find a way to move forward.
  2. Eliminate Chit-chat: Limit casual telephone conversations, social media interaction with acquaintances and messy people. Communicating with people who do not have your best interest at heart will only stir up more negativity.
  3. Create Musical Playlist: Began creating a musical playlist of your favorite songs that have the power to keep you uplifted. Allow the songs to feed your inner spirit. Listen to them over and over again until you believe the messages in the song.
  4. Social Media: If your job requires you to use social media as a marketing tool, stay laser focus on your work. There are ways you can schedule a post in advance or plan your post before you share. Share and keep it moving. You do not have to engage online.
  5. Motivate Yourself: Pep-talks with yourself is 100% effective. Remind yourself if it isn’t about business/productivity; you do not want any parts of it. Write down all the things that bring you happiness and plan to do them all. Put a smile on your face.
  6. Journal Daily: Writing out your feelings on paper (unedited) is a great way to keep you from communicating with a person who has gossipy lips. When presented with the opportunity to go back and revisit your writing, you will learn the good and the bad things about yourself as well as how to make the necessary changes to become a better person.

In conclusion, I write this weeks blog post to empower us all. Healing thyself is possible. We have the power to master the separation between business and personal. We can put a name to our business associates and separate them from our genuinely intimate relationships. If we take action in protecting our peace: doing whatever it takes to keep ourselves in a clear head-space, the likelihood of experiencing sadness which often lead to depression, procrastination, retreating or feeling shame will be at a minimum. We can not allow anyone or anything to take food out of our mouths and the roof from over our heads. We will work at our highest level of success if we began to take our self care and mental health seriously.

You Gotta Nourish Yourself In Order To Flourish Personally And Professionally.

2 thoughts on “How To Stay Focus When Everything Seem To Be Going Wrong?

  1. Yah-Tay says:

    Great Article! It really is about remaining focused and taking care of yourself when difficulties arise in one’s life… And they will happen. We just have to #ProtectYourPeace as you’ve stated to remain centered within ourselves and keep pressing through the challenges of life.


    • Keianna (KeeKee) Johnson says:

      Good Morning Yah-Tay! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I love writing this particular article because I was literally in a situation that took my joy away for a couple days and I had to SNAP myself out of it. I had to remind myself that I am smart, I work hard, I am a good person and I will NOT allow any situation knock me off my game. See things for what they are and move forward.


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