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400 Writing Prompts

Five Questions Answered: 400 Writing Prompts Book.

Hello Everyone, Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week thus far. I am excited, yet a little stressed about my first book signing happening in four days. I am praying for a successful event. For the most part, the planning is going well. The only thing left to do is my hair and choose my outfit. I can’t wait to share the outcome of my event with you next Thursday.

s-l300Last week there wasn’t a blog post planned, and I didn’t want another week to pass without writing here on keiannajohnson.com. So this week I am choosing five random questions from my 400 Writing Prompt book, gifted to me by a friend, yet purchased from FiveBelow. I enjoy my 400 Writing Prompt Book because it gives me the opportunity to write about different subjects and challenge me to think outside the box. Today’s blog post is all about having fun and sharing the first thoughts that come to mind.

Random Questions

1.) If you could indulge in anything without consequences, what would it be?
I would plan a vacation for my husband and I and leave for an entire month. I would allow my children to stay home alone with everything they need to take care of themselves. I wouldn’t tag along a cell phone or any other communication device. Our vacation would be a time to rejuvenate ourselves, get back to having fun, living stress-free with no responsibilities. We can lay back on the beach and remember our love-bird years before children. Traveling kid-free, with no worries would be nice.

2.) In what way are you a trendsetter in your social circle?
I wouldn’t say I am a trendsetter as it relates to fashion because all of my friends are creative with their styles. However, I am a trendsetter in living unapologetically. I know a lot of my friends look at me crazy for sharing my life with the world via blogging/social media, but I enjoy sharing bits and pieces of who I am. I love speaking LIVE on video because I no longer have issues with showing my face without makeup. I have never been as confident in myself as I am today. Speaking my mind and promoting the causes I love allows me to walk to the beat of my drum.

3.) If you found yourself in OZ, what would you do differently than Dorothy?
If I were in OZ, I would sell the dog, Toto. Toto is a liability. There had been plenty of times where Dorothy was trying to stay focused on finding her way back home, in which Toto jumped out of her hands causing Dorothy to cry, scream and become stressed-out over the possibility of losing her beloved dog. I would sell him during the beginning part of my journey to ensure I stay focus on getting myself back home.

4.) Talk about your favorite pair of shoes and why you love them so much.
I am in love with these knee-high boots from JustFab.com. These boots were gifted to me by one of my beloved clients for Christmas. I love these boots because they fit comfortably over my calf. It doesn’t matter what outfit I wear with these boots, I look and feel sexy.


5.) What gives you the most inner peace?
I enjoy time alone. Sitting alone gives me the time to deal with my emotions while providing the opportunity for me to be vulnerable to find my inner peace from within. I also enjoy music. Music has been a keep point in my life that allows me to express myself via lyrics and song. To find inner peace, I must be free from distractions.

Thank you guys for playing along. Share your thoughts. Do you have a 400 Writing Prompt Book? If so, what do you like about the book? Which of the questions above were your favorite?


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