It’s Possible To Accept Others Without Compromising Who We Are.

Let’s Be Honest.

The bright side of living unapologetically/free is standing on my convictions. Convictions are far different from being motivated to do something. I fight every day, within myself, to stand firm on what I believe to be true, allowing my truth to guide my life and not let the pressure from anyone change my mind.

Coming to terms with what I will allow in my personal space and openly share my standards for my life used to be scary for me to vocalize. Because I never, ever wanted to hurt someone elses feelings.

Being honest never hurts anyone. Being a liar hurts only you. -Unknown

I have always thought about the feelings of others, but what about me? What about my impressions of discomfort? I had to learn to be comfortable with being honest with myself about my feelings of things happening around me.

My Truth

My personality do not mesh well with narcissistic personalities….Or people who are not humble. Super Christians get on my nerves as well as people who only deal with others when it benefits them. These kinds of people are not kind.

But, I do not want to be the kind of person who complains about what everyone else is doing. Being negative, also, isn’t very kind. I recently discovered that there are ways I can accept people for who they are without compromising who I am. Below are a few key suggestions I will like to share with you.

Three ways we can choose our battles without compromising our energy.

1.) Choose wisely the kinds of conversations we entertain: If someone is engaging in a conversation we do not like, instead of expressing our opinion, discreetly remove ourselves from the discussion.

2.) Limit negative phone conversations: We all have someone in our lives who speak negatively ALL THE TIME! Instead of disowning them, merely limit our conversations with them. Instead of talking with them four days a week, define the call to once a week.

3.) Follow our intuition: It isn’t a crime to turn down an invitation. We do not have to attend events that make us feel uncomfortable. It is OK to kindly inform our friends of our absents. Just as long as we do not decline at the last minute.

I hope today’s blog post gave you more insight on how you can take back your power to be yourself. Trust me, the journey to live free takes practice, but I believe if we really want to live our lives unapologetically, there will be times we will have to make choices that goes against the desires of others.


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