My Sanity Plan.

New Year. New Me. Choosing My Energy.

Just like you, I am a woman who wears many hats. I am a wife, mother of Five children ages 5-16, an entrepreneur, blogger and an author. In order to experience some level of order in my life, I had to create a plan to keep my life centered. Having a Sanity Plan is essential for me to keep my head above water to ensure I am the best person I can be.

The central theme of my Sanity Plan is: Choose Your Energy. Choosing my enthusiasm reminds me that I am 100% in control of my life. I do not want to associate with anything that doesn’t allow me to be my best self. My Sanity Plan consists of three major components:

  • Not involving myself in other peoples affairs.
  • Be mindful of my associations with people and events.
  • Television programs, Social interactions must reflect my inner peace.

The reason why choosing my energy is crucial to me is because there was a time in my life I unknowingly surrounded myself with drama. Being the oldest child, I was always in the middle of adverse family affairs between my siblings and my cousins. If there was a problem in the family, I was the one listening to the family gossip over the phone and giving advice based on what I heard which caused more problems. Because I had a bad habit of picking sides, I found myself being isolated from people I care about which made the environment all the more toxic. I later realized that all of this unnecessary wasted energy was not worth it. I needed to mind my own business.

Choosing my energy is a daily process for me. I have since pulled myself away from being the point of contact when the family drama unfolds. I remind myself to be very careful of who I am chatting with on the phone. What has helped me with my sanity is that I send almost every phone call to voicemail. That way I can pick and choose which phone call is worth my time. I also pick and choose which text messages I respond to. My sanity level has become better because I am no longer in the loop of the drama.

What I’ve learned from creating a Sanity Plan was that 80% of the drama I had in the center of my life was built outside of my home. It wasn’t my husband, children or business causing chaos in my life. It was everyone living outside of the four walls of my house. Coming to terms with my reality let me know that I was 100% at fault for the position I put myself in. No one else was to be blamed but me.

When I began to focus on my own affairs, I learned there was more time to balance my home/business life. On days I would work late styling hair, I would utilize my crock pot to create yummy meals for my family. At the end of my business day, dinner was already made. My husband is off work every single Monday. I too decided to take off work on Mondays to spend quality time with him alone. Sundays are fun days with my children. They love the trampoline park. Oh, I can’t forget my self-care days. I recently took a trip to New York with friends. I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself. It was the best time ever.

Staying focused on my Sanity Plan is teaching me how to balance my life. Minding my own business has been great for my quality of life as well as for my husband and children. I can now show up to the family functions happy. I do not know everybody’s secrets, and my lips are sealed.

Do you have an action plan set in place to keep you focus on your lifestyle goals? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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