Happy Birthday: Our Site Is A Year Old!

Year One Of Liberation!

Liberated; adjective

1.) (of a person) showing freedom from social conventions or traditional ideas, especially with regard to sexual roles.

2.) (of a place or people) freed from imprisonment, slavery, or enemy occupation.



Today January 4th is our birthday! KeiannaJohnson.com created out of liberation. I was tired of being held, hostage by everything that didn’t derive from me or my thoughts. I merely wanted the freedom to do what I wanted to do without apologizing for exercising my right as an adult to live the way I have chosen to live. I am happy to say in the year 2017 I did just that and was able to share my life experiences here with you.

I enjoyed interacting with those of you who left comments on my blog post this past year. In those moments I have learned I wasn’t alone in my quest to live in freedom. I believe everyone at some point or another is searching for the opportunity to break free from the judgmental mentality of others, stereotypes, slander and the side-eyes of stupidity. It is tiring trying to fight up against the madness. It should be easy to be yourself, right? Primarily speaking of the fact we are all adults. But you and I know that it isn’t as easy as it should be. One reason being everyone wants to be right.

I know for me, I hate when a person wants me to see the good in them automatically, yet they are always unwilling to see the goodness in other people. When they speak, they still highlight the faults of the other person. I often wonder to myself, “DAMN! Is it that hard to keep your mind from festering in negativity?”

Anyway, living out my truth also showed me who I can honestly open myself up too. My sister Trina (who often get a bad rep, yet is the very person who will give you her last dime) has been one of my number one supporters. Yes, we fall short and have fights like any other sister relationship, but when talking to Trina, there is never any hidden motive which is refreshing. While wanting others to accept me as I am, I too had to learn to extend the same courtesy in return.

Trina and I over the years have had moments of explosive disagreements due to life circumstances. If I can be honest for a moment, I used to impose my views about life onto her and try to force her to live the life I live. As time turned into days, months and years, I eventually understood that life is a journey. We all have a purpose in life which will lead us down our own individual paths. And because we are both believers in God, anything meant to destroy our lives will be turned around for good. That is a promise from God himself. Once I realized my judgemental mentality against my sister, I had to teach myself to stop that behavior because I detest everyone who has tried to impose their views about life on me. I eventually learned I couldn’t have it both ways. I must treat my sister the way I would like someone to treat me. Once I began to walk out my motto of unapologetic living, my sister and I relationship has grown into something beautiful. Although we both have flaws, I know for a fact she is genuine. There is nothing no one can say or do that will make me believe anything different about her. She has my back, and I have her back! Period.

I end this post by encouraging you to examine yourself. We reap what we sow. If we want to have the liberty to live in harmony with ourselves, we have to also extend the same level of respect to those around us. It feels so good to live apologetically right? We must also allow people to live, make mistakes, learn from their mistakes and live again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEIANNAJOHNSON.COM FAMILY! Until next time. Live in peace.

New Years Resolution: What are you liberating yourself from in 2018? What character flaw can you change that will allow those around you to live in freedom?

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