Iyanla Vanzant: Tapping the Power Within.

Book Club Series Introduction


Unapologetic living for me is all about taking back my power to be myself without shame. Without caring about the boxes, people try to put me in. Without being upset about the lies, people have created with the hope of destroying my character. Without hiding or trying to convince people, I am kind, worthy or desperately screaming, “PICK ME! PICK ME! I promise I am loyal. I promise am good.” I do not need validation to live. I have to own that fact by walking it out, doing what is right for me.

My soul is entirely open after shattering the glass wall with a steel baseball bat. The wall, built up by others (with my assistance) was designed from the very beginning to paralyze me. It was designed to keep me down and always second guessing myself. For many years I did not love myself. My confidence was so low that I believed every negative word someone said about me even if it wasn’t accurate information. I am no longer the number one fan of the #BreakKeiannaDown campaign. I am however the leader of the #TakingBackMyPower club.

Even though boundaries have become the number one staple of my life, I am still managing to be comfortable with the choices I make for myself. I’ve realized having barriers in life are designed to keep me safe and growing in the right direction. Creating this blog is a symbol of me being ready to live free, honest and sincere in every way. I’ve finally evolved to the point of being cool with people not liking me, especially those who have never meant me any good.

Self Discovery

I have had some mind-blowing discoveries about myself. I learned the reason why there was so much craziness happening around me was that I never wanted to eliminate anyone from my life. I have always fought for the underdog. I had a fascination with seeing the underdog overcome adversity. I knew what it felt like to be rejected and I didn’t want to be a person who dismissed other people, so I kept everyone around not understanding that people are in my life for a reason, a season and a lifetime. I was holding on to relationships that were never in my best interest. A tragic discovery was realizing 50% of the people in my life was using me for their personal gain. They got away with it because I allowed it to happen. Not letting go permitted situations to last for far too long. Creating havoc in my life. If I can travel deeper into my truth, I knew I was being used but didn’t have the guts to shut the factory down unless I was angry. I never had the willpower to shut a situation down outside of angry. Which is one reason why I kept my anger in my back pocket because I knew if I couldn’t save myself, my violence can do anything to protect me? I never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings. Me not speaking up or creating boundaries created more harm than good. Since making the necessary changes, life is not perfect but has been going in a positive direction. Taking things one day at a time.

What did Iyanla say?

Iyanla Vanzant Book

Iyanla Vanzant, Tapping the Power Within. A Path to Self-Empowerment for Women.

Tapping the Power Within, I found Iyanla Vanzant book in my local thrift store. I paid $1.99 for a book initially costing $24.95. The book is in perfect condition, with the bounce CD located in the back of the book unopened. I listened to the CD to jump start my excitement to read the book. The central theme of the CD that spoke to my spirit as I have a right to be bodacious! I have a right to follow my own inner authority. I have a right to do what is best for me. Iyanla spoke about “Taking my rightful place” letting the old things GO! She provided Seven tools to help her readers live their best life. The Seven tools are:

  1. Never underestimate your own need and ability to affect change.
  2. Mind your own business first
  3. Seek harmony
  4. Replace external referencing with inner authority
  5. Stop being bad and wrong
  6. Take your rightful place
  7. Go for the JOY

I am committed to my healing. I can’t live FREE if I am broken. Every door that was designed to keep me living beneath my potential has been exposed. I see things so much clearer, but I do understand taking my rightful place will require me to be sharp, open, and honest with myself. I will not continue to allow people to dump their madness in my life like I am their personal trash dumpster. I am not a dumpster.


I am Keianna Johnson. I am funny.  I am creative. I am loyal. I can sing. I am a hard worker. I am honest. I am a good person at my core. I am bold. I have a calling on my life as an intercessor and missionary. I have the heart for people. I am a writer. I am friendly. I have discernment. I am a professional hairstylist. I am a submissive wife. I am a momma bear. I am appreciative. I indeed have the heart for God. I am good. Whether anyone notices or not…..I AM GOOD!

My intentions for this series is to learn new tools that will allow me to tap into my power within. I will be reading a chapter a week also writing a blog post on my discovery. Look for the hashtag #TappingThePowerWithin on the blog subheader. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Self-empowerment: What are you working on that will make your life better?

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