Raise The Bar: Are You Practicing What You Preach?

Standards: Beliefs and Actions On One Accord.


Raise The Bar: lower (or raise) the standards that need to be met in order to qualify for something.

WOW! We are one day away from the first day of Fall which is my favorite season. It is something about the Fall that makes me want to clean up the clutter. Instead of only focusing on packing away Summer clothes, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and washing dishes, I am also conducting an inventory of myself, my thoughts and actions. Making sure my standard for living and actions are matching up with what I proclaim.

Hypocrisy: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Living life from day to day and going through the motions have made me comfortable in many areas of my life. Like most people, I have turned a blind eye to somethings that need my undivided attention. The truth of the matter is I do not want to be the kind of person who gives wonderful advice on how to live free, yet living in bondage. Or be the kind of mother who has high expectations for her children yet living a life filled with mediocrity and procrastination.

What is important to me?

  1. God-Having a real relationship with my creator.
  2. Self-Mind, Body & Spirit
  3. Family-Husband & Children; those living within my four walls.
  4. Business– Services & Clientele
  5. Network-Family, Friends, Industry

Why is raising the bar necessary for me?

I have been examining myself and my responsibilities. I’ve realized that I only have a short window to make things right. Realizing I will not be alive forever. Realizing I will not always have my children living at home with me. Realizing I will not be young forever. Realizing that nothing last forever. I have to DO what is required of me right now. I have a handful of responsibilities that can not be neglected. If I neglect any of these things, it will not only be devastating to me but also to everyone associated with me, especially my children.

  • The standard of living: Putting God FIRST! It is time for me to become more active in attending a faith-based fellowship with my husband & children. At least once a week I need to dedicate time for worship service. Raising the bar to cultivate my family moral compass.
  • The standard of living: Building Up My Household. Set aside one day a week to have fun with my hubby and kids. Create more family memories and just enjoy us for who we are. Raising the bar to be present with the ones I love.
  • The standard of living: Home. My home needs some cosmetic improvements inside and outside. Instead of spending money spontaneously, I need to put a few bucks to the side to splash some fresh paint on the walls, take these ugly borders off the walls in the kitchen (dreadful) and began to spice up my plant beds. Raising the bar to put love into my home.
  • The standard of living: Real Writers WRITE! I desire to become an awesome writer. To achieve my goal as a writer, I must write every single day. Meaningful manuscripts are birth from putting forth an effort. I am raising the bar to put forth 100% effort to support this platform.
  • The standard of living: I Am A Professional Hairstylist: My goal is to continue to learn, focus on my clients and practice healthy haircare. I plan to elevate my business uniquely. Raising the bar to walk fearfully, executing what it means to be Chi Chi Sophisticated.
  • The standard of living: Molding My Real Relationships. Indeed support honor, be honest and loyal to those who have been here for me. I am raising the bar to never turn a blind eye to what isn’t good for me and extending myself to the real people who have respected the role I play in their lives.
  • The standard of living: Support My Community.  Continue to support community causes that mean a lot to me. Daughters of Ester. RAINN, Natural Hair Industry, and Our Natural Kids. Raising the bar to stay focus on WHY these causes are important to me.
  • The standard of living: Read A Book. One of the oldest methods of learning is to read a book. I do not want to neglect my intellect. I also want to show my appreciation to my author friends. Raising the bar by expanding my mind through a book.

Truth moment: It took me a lot of time to think and analyze areas of my life where the bar needs to be lifted up. I have to be proactive in getting the work done. I am responsible for building my family up as well as accountable to keeping my mind in the correct place.

I encourage you to make a checklist of your morals and values. Be honest about if your lifestyle represents what your beliefs/standards are. Begin by asking yourself this question, who am I really? Write down everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. Being brutally honest with yourself will allow you the opportunity to self-examine from a pure place. It will reward you the chance to set some things in order in your life.

The one thing I have learned over time is that no matter if we choose to correct ourselves or not, People are going to eventually see who we really are. They will begin to see if our actions match up with what we are saying. If the two doesn’t add up…..well what more can I say?

3 thoughts on “Raise The Bar: Are You Practicing What You Preach?

    • Keianna (KeeKee) Johnson says:

      Hello SIRCHTREE! How are you? Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog post. Thank you for your comment. I really feel writing and sharing my soul here isnt just a blessing for me but also something special for everyone. Thank again. Have a blessed day.


      • sirchtree says:

        Your welcome. I definitely am blessed by your thoughts and commitment. I should be thanking you really. I too yearn to impact lives with my blog and by extension, service to the wider audience of life. Be blessed


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