Everything Isn’t Always What’s Advertised.

Social Media Edition.

It isn’t a secret that everything post onto social media doesn’t always live up to its advertisement, but it sure doesn’t stop many of us from trying to compete with what we see.

I know you’ve scrolled through your timeline and saw pictures of your friends/family having the best time of their lives, while you were at home, laying in bed watching old television show reruns. Or witness the photograph of a childhood friend who purchased a home while you’re still living in that apartment of ten years. Or you see a picture of a co-worker celebrating their latest job advancement while realizing you haven’t had a raise in over four years. Sometimes seeing these incredible milestone celebrations can make a person feel depleted.

I know the feeling of hopelessness because I too was once smitten by the grandeur, photo brochures of my social media friends. It isn’t hard to feel like life is at a standstill when those feelings are already festering on the inside. Did you catch what I said in the last sentence? The sense of depression can only show its ugly face if it is already living on the inside. So the questions then turn into Why are those feelings there?

Is a sense of not progressing coming from a time in the past nothing seem to be moving forward? Or not ever been chosen first? Or are those feelings coming from a place of not having enough money to create fun memories because the bills are always due?

Would it help if I told you that most of the events, situations, and smiling faces are arranged in advance? Yes, I said staged. People are strategizing their social media post to display the best version of themselves. No one person is always happy and rolling in the dough. Maybe sometimes but not always. No one is always responsible. No one is ALWAYS caught doing extraordinary things. You see this picture here? The one of me, playing basketball with my son wearing this amazing I Love Social Media T-shirt? Yup, It is all organized. I am not actually playing Basketball with my son. We are literally standing there frozen.

If I hadn’t told you the truth about this picture, I wonder what your thoughts would have been of me as a mother? If I could assume for a moment; I would have been viewed as the perfect mom who bonds with her son through Basketball. Again assuming, you would have beaten yourself up because you and your kid do not play Basketball together. Seeing isn’t always believing.

Playing Basket Ball

Playing Basketball?

Let me tell you something real. I used to break my back trying to impress people especially when I was a teacher who then transitioned that behavior into something more as a hairstylist. What does that mean? It meant trying to create things for myself on a grand-scale that would allow me to gain exposure with the hopes of making more money. But let me say this. In the number of years, I have been a professional hairstylist, speaker, participated in events, traveled miles to events,  been featured in documentaries and magazines….the only place where the money is is when my clients walk through the door, sit in my chair and allow me to style their hair. That my friend, IS the money. In the past, I would have made myself sick and sad about my position of not being chosen to speak at an event or have my face on a flyer of another random/unorganized/low attendance event all for the sake of “LOOKING IMPORTANT” on the outside. Been there, done that, and because I am no longer insane, I will not allow myself to run around that rodeo anymore. I don’t care about any of those things that much anymore. Because I am secure. I know what is real and genuine for me. What is best for me right now is making money so I can take care of my responsibilities. Shoot, I am trying to take my family on a cruise in 2018, I don’t have time to spend my money on things that just don’t make sense.

I write all of this to encourage you. Be steadfast. Stand with your head held high knowing what is real. One of many truths about being human is that not every day is going to be fantastic. There are going to be times where money is funny. There will be times your car is working great and then other times, not have enough money to get the oil changed. Life isn’t always Awesome Sause. Knowing the facts will keep your mind and heart in line as it relates to who you are. You are not a loser. You are a hardworking person who realizes that true success takes time. You are an individual who is steadily working until God rewarded openly for the hard work you’ve been doing privately. Don’t allow the expectations of being “SEEN” on social media leave you disappointed in the end.


I Love Social Media T-shirt is created by Sherron Washinton. Follow her on Instagram @thep3solution

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