No More Living In Denial.

Taking The Mask Off.

It has become natural to deny how we feel. No one wants to stick out like a sore thumb due to fear of what other people may think. It is easier to blend in and live in the shade of beige. If what we are truly feeling isn’t noticeable, then we have mastered what it means to be unbothered. But is that truly how we feel? Are we ok with masking our emotions?

Every human being has silent questioning and answering sessions about life within ourselves all the time. Our private thoughts are where the truth resides. If something is bothering us, we choose to address those issues inside our hearts. Once we come up with a reasonable conclusion if the outcome isn’t deemed “peaceful,” we tend to suppress how we feel which will eventually lead to resentment.

It has become standard to be passive because it isn’t popular to “offend” anyone. We see it every day. If we stand up for or against Gay Marriage, we are considered gay bashers or homosexual-sympathizers. If we don’t care about animals as much as Peta does, then white, powdery dust is thrown all over us. If we stand for Blue Lives than we are considered to be anti-Black Lives Matter, If we support Black Lives Matter, we are considered anti-American. The list goes on and on. So it is often safe to not express our true feelings openly. No one wants to be viewed as a negative person. We have been trained by society always to be super-positive all the time, which keeps us stuck in a delusional state of mind because we are forcing ourselves to believe/behave in a manner that is unnatural to how to truly feel. But is it offensive to show how we feel?

The answer is no. It isn’t offensive, to be honest. If something has made you angry, express why you are upset? Frustrated with someone continually disrespecting you and cursing out? Speak your mind. Show why you will no longer tolerate such behavior in your personal space. If someone is overbearing and constantly invading your personal space, tell them the truth. It is annoying to always have someone all up in your business. If you realize the reason you aren’t progressing in your profession because of laziness and not keeping up with the standards on your job, be honest. Take a stand today to no longer suppress the truth. And yeah, there will be a person who would say. “It doesn’t take all that to express yourself.” Let me be the one to tell you it does take all that.

Transparently speaking, Sometimes I just want to be left alone. I want my boundaries respected. I need to get away from all the noise and do what is best for me. Lately, I find myself in the state of realization. Things aren’t always what they seem. I realize the older I become, the more I’ve put up with a lot, I’ve stuffed so much inside, I have hidden my voice to not hurt the feelings of others for so many years. The glass has shattered, and I no longer care to wear a mask anymore. I have grown weary of the fakeness. I am expressing how I feel……I am going to leave everything here on the table.

5 thoughts on “No More Living In Denial.

  1. Rosalie Markovics says:

    Yes, it is a fine line sometimes between honesty and tact. I see people around me who never express themselves and have valid thoughts and sometimes terrible ideas! Reality is not reality- it is personal to each person. However, if we share our reality things can be clarified. I don’t find it hard to share ideas on social issues. However, offending family is the hardest of all!!!

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    • Keianna (KeeKee) Johnson says:

      Hello Rosalie. Thank you so much for your comment. You are absolutely right about there being a difference between honesty and tack. I find for me my response sometimes to situations are different based off what is going on. I find my response to people or family members who are aggressive in invading my privacy or being overbearing, which is a sign of manipulation/control gets a very negative reaction from me. Where as in other situations communication is firm yet tactful. I will be honest, I feel lately I have been rebelling against my past and influences of my past. Those things/people had such control over me that I am no longer interested in being controlled or manipulated. You are absolutely right about offending family is hardest of all because they expect zero growth and expect you to remain the same. Thanks again for your comment. I appreciate you. 😄


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