Is There Truth To The Saying “We Are What We Speak?”

Our Words Have POWER!

My good friend and I recently had a conversation about watching the words that come from our mouths. We both curse a lot and want to change. During our discussion, I shared how I have the willpower to stop swearing because I turn it off when it counts. I do not curse at church. I don’t curse while servicing clients, or when in professional settings. I do not curse around my Aunties or around any other person I admire. But Oh how the colorful words flow from my mouth casually among friends…..or in anger…..or when trying to be funny. I need to stop cursing for one main reason: It is negative talk. I have to cease to be reckless with my mouth even while joking.

I can remember a time in my life where I would never curse. The running joke I’ve shared with my friends is the more children I gave birth too, the more I would curse. Let me not mention the moments I am highly pissed off by something or someone irritating. My mouth can flow like a river fall.

I want to make a real decision to stop cursing. I know life and death are in the power of the tongue. I know for a fact that there is power in the words I speak. I have always been taught and have seen with my own eyes that when positive things are spoken, they manifest into goodness. The same laws apply the other way around. The rule says, “You are what you speak.”

One of the original statements I share here in this platform is: Live life the way you choose to live it. I still stand by that statement, but if we want to experience a level of success that takes us beyond our wildest dreams, there has to be an adjustment in mindset and conversation. If I can be honest for a moment, I wonder how many blessings have I stopped from manifesting in my life due to me cursing people out when pissed off? How many opportunities have I missed out on due to my negative words? Or how many times does my 4-years-old daughter have to say, “Mommy, do not talk like that. That is a bad word.” before I get the picture to stop curing? Even she knows the difference between positive and negative communication. I’ve got to be a better example.

God has been superb towards me. He has brought me a mighty long way. And still, he isn’t through with me. I have to make an effort to take the words seriously that come out of my mouth. If I do not, my life will eventually show everyone what I have been saying.


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