If You Had A Bad Day Raise Your Hand!

Telling The Truth. Not Every Day Is A Good Day.

Ah, the age of social media. The place where everyone is having fun in the sun. A place where there is no sadness……zero tears. Every perfect moment documented for all the world to see. A place where we are following the advice of all the amazing Maya Angelou quotes…..Following all the rules of getting money and being a boss. The land where every memory and life moment is perfect. Trust me I get it If the highlights of life aren’t viewed online than it didn’t happen. I understand the process because, for six years now, my life and business do live in a world of social media. I’ve been conditioned like everyone else only to share the happier parts.

Sometimes I get angry when I can’t share my day, especially those days that started out as the day from hell….turned into the week from hell and in some cases turn into the month from hell! God forbid if I do share my not so happy moments with anyone, I will be looked at as immature or as a person who hasn’t mastered the craft of being a grown up. However, the truth is, NONE OF US HAVE MASTERED ANYTHING! We all are here living a life we hope will turn out the way we planned. Knowing what we know about life, why then are many of us perpetrating the fraud? And teaching our children to do the same.

With all the above acknowledged, After having an awesome weekend, My week started out awful. This past Monday and Tuesday I wanted to be the most productive but couldn’t because the unexpected temperately knocked me off my game. Sometimes when I am unable to follow my to-do-list, I have a bad habit of beating myself up which has resulted into furthering ruining my day. I talked to my husband and my sister about my feelings. I also extended myself and post a status on Facebook admitting that my week didn’t begin as planned and that I was bummed about it. Guess what? Everyone related to my post and a huge conversation about parenting broke out. The advice, love, and prayers that came my way were the motivation I needed to move forward. Now I am not saying post all of your raw emotions online because we still have to be careful not to cast our pearls before swine. It was fun to read everyone’s messages and how their transparency ensured me that I wasn’t alone. Today, I feel 100% better.

Life happens. Not every day is going to be a good day, and it is ok, to be honest about it. We are human. When we get caught up in the social media persona and pretend our lives are always glorious, that is when we fool ourselves. Fooling ourselves only lead to more faking, sadness, and depression. Aint nobody got time for that!

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