Unapologetic Living: The Old Me, Dead & GONE!

Dearly, Beloved, I Pronounce These Actions DEAD!

Heyyyy Guys,

So, if you haven’t noticed by now, music is my everything. As you can see, I listen to a variety of music. Sometimes when I don’t have the words to say, a song can articulate how I am feeling. Lately, I have been listening to T.I. Song Dead And Gone, from his Paper Trail Album Featuring Justin Timberlake. I’ve had this song playing on repeat for days. This song speaks of my current mood. The old me is dead and gone…..dead and gone.

Disclaimer: Before I share my real authentic feelings, please do not judge God or me for what I share. These days, I am not in the mood to be politically correct. I am sharing how I feel.

What are the things I used to do that I lay to rest in my life?

  • Tolerating Bitchassness.

Urban Dictionary: What is Bitchassness? Term coined by Diddy on Making the Band. Overall stank actions towards others through words, facial expressions, and/or song. Symptoms include: thinking your better than those around you, not speaking your true feelings, throwing large amounts of shade.

I have zero tolerance for bitchassness. I am no longer allowing people who I know for a fact do not value me, do not like me or respect me into my inner circle. I don’t want that kind of person around me what so ever. Call me what you want, that action of tolerating anything less on my behalf is DEAD!

  • Ignoring My Gut.

Urban Dictionary: What is your Gut Feeling? Your conscience, you get an odd or weird disturbing feeling in your stomach, as if what you’re considering doing is not ok.

If something feels questionable, I am going to trust my feelings and remove myself. In the past, the little voice inside me would scream, BE CAREFUL!  Guess what I would do? I would find every reason to convince myself of why my gut feeling is wrong. I didn’t want to hurt anyone or make a stand that would make people think ill of me. Guess What? That action of ignoring the truth on my behalf is DEAD!

  • Being A Yes-Man.

Merriam Webster: What is a Yes-Man?  a person who agrees with everything that is said; especially :  one who endorses or supports without criticism every opinion or proposal of an associate or superior.

Call me cold, but I don’t care who you are; I will never allow myself to agree to any and everything for the sake of making someone else happy. I used to overextend myself, working hard for other people projects and not have enough time to mold what was important to me. When I would fall short of the tiniest of things, my integrity and my ability to perform would come into question, which always made me feel sick. I hated letting people down. So I would find a way to kiss their butt to get back into their good graces. Guess who ain’t kissing ass anymore? ME! That action of being a Yes-Man on my behalf is DEAD!

I’ve traveled down that road too long. The old me is dead and gone…..DEAD AND GONE! I am looking out for Keianna because everyone else is looking out for their own best interest. Operating below my best is DEAD!

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