Unapologetic Living: Kelly Price

It’s My Time.

Kelly Price is a legend in the R&B Game. She was one of my favorite musical artists in the 90’s and early 2000. I remember like it was yesterday sitting on my momma front porch on a beautiful Spring day singing Kelly Price song “It’s Gonna Rain.” Oh, you couldn’t tell me I didn’t sound just like Kelly Price. Kelly has never lip sing to any of her songs during a live performance, and you would never catch her singing auto-tune vocals. Kelly Price is an actual singer.

But today, most people (millennials) know Kelly Price for her feature on the reality show R&B Divas.

The series chronicles the lives of a group of female R&B singers living in Los Angeles as they balance their music careers and personal lives. From Wikipedia,

I watched the reality series from beginning to the end. During the series, there were many disagreements between Kelly and the other ladies on the show. Personally, I feel like Kelly Price behavior was misunderstood. When people did and said things to Kelly she didn’t like, like most people, she addressed those issues head-on, which gave Kelly a bad reputation. Many individuals who made accusations against Kelly labeled her DRAMA! Kelly later departed the show R&B Diva’s and then she made this incredible song, “It’s My Time.”

Sometimes we have to refocus. Kelly Price is too fantastic of an artist to be featured on ratched tv. Like Kelly, we have to elevate ourselves above our haters and let them know, “It’s our time to rise….It’s our time to shine…..It’s our time to live….It’s our time to FLY!…..It’s our time.” There is nothing a nay-sayer can do to change the facts about our lives. Now let’s brush our shoulders off and RISE!


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