Pushing Past How You Feel.

The Unimaginable Happened, Now What?

Honestly speaking, my weekend was crappy. I spent most of the past two days depressed…..mad….. depressed again…..and then sad. Feeling so hopeless at times I questioned God asking”What is the purpose of all this foolishness?” Yup, I was feeling some way.

Determined to go to church this morning, I got out of bed in spite of how I was feeling. I took a shower, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I picked out my outfit, ironed my clothes and perfumed myself with Dolce & Gabbana. Wasn’t in the mood to put on makeup, so I just moisturized my face and oiled my lips with lip balm. Standing in front of the large mirror in my room, I looked at myself. I smiled a little. Although I wasn’t feeling my best, I looked pretty. And although my face didn’t look like I just left the Mac Counter, I still looked youthful. I didn’t look like how I felt which was good enough for me. I grabbed my Bible and left the house……

Today’s message (Galatians 6:1-10) preached by Rev. Brown was blessed. It took me awhile to get into the worship services but later felt better. At the end of church service, The invitation was given to those who wanted to know Christ. The call for membership and prayer was also extended to the congregation. I walked towards the front of the church for prayer because I needed it. I didn’t want depression to take control of the rest of my week and knew I didn’t have the strength to be myself on my own.

After I had embraced a female minister, Rev. Brown said to me openly,

“The Lord told me that you were going to come up here today. When I pointed my hands in your direction during prayer, I felt the power of God. So when I gave the invitation for salvation, membership, and prayer and you didn’t come up at first. I said to God, ‘I know what you told me.’ Then you walked towards the front of the church. I was so happy. God is edifying you. I am so thankful you have turned the page.”

Attending church service today made me feel a whole lot better. Now, this doesn’t mean because my pastor spoke to me openly with love doesn’t mean today and every day here in my life will be perfect. It just means, God is with me and he is edifying me. I know that once this storm has passed, I will be pure Gold. I just have to hold on to my belief. In God, I am a winner.

I extend this message to you: No matter what is going on, YOU ARE INDEED A WINNER! Trouble doesn’t last always. You will come out in the end as pure Gold. Trust in God and believe.

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