Free Yourself……For Real!


Hello, Everyone. Happy Thursday

Thursday post is typically short with the intentions of displaying how others are living life to the fullest around the World. I decided to do something different today.

Since July 2016, I have intentionally begun to clean out the clutter in my life. I was tired of always being loyal to selfish people who were in my inner circle. I was upset at the disappointments. Confused about always trying to be inclusive of people who had no intentions of unity and inclusion. Who I am as a person was always in question, and let’s not bring up all the crap that was constantly said about me behind my back that came back to me for the sake of confidentiality. So Initially, purging came from a place of anger.

And then the purging continued throughout the Summer, into the Fall. At this point, I did question myself, “Am I making a mistake? What is happening here?” I wasn’t used to following through on my intuition. I was great at masking my feelings for the sake of peace. I didn’t understand my feelings at this point, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

And then……..The calm after the storm. There was no more noise. There were no more petty misunderstandings. No more friendenmies. The fakeness was gone. Disgusting conversations were no more, and one-sided relationships were swept away during the purge.

Then I realized that everyone I kept around me was happy and working towards becoming better people who inspired me to continue on my path to self-fulfillment. Every day I listen to Adeea Rogers Mindful Mindset Playlist on Spotify. I saw I had more time to work without my phone ringing…..and ringing….and ringing all day long talking to empty souls who often had nothing edifying to say.

I say all of this to encourage you, it is ok to purge. At first, you will feel sad. You will be afraid to move forward. You will question your choices. There are people and situations you will convince yourself that you can not live without. But honestly ask yourself these questions:

  1. How does having a relationship with this person make you feel?
  2. Is there respect in the relationship?
  3. Do you 100% trust this person or individuals?
  4. How are their relationships with other people?
  5.  Honestly, is he/she a good person?

These questions are important because keeping these relationships are a waste of your time. You will need to close the door, bolt lock it shut and throw away the key forever. You have something awesome to do with your life. Don’t waste your gifts, by spending your time with people/situations that will not take you higher.




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