Unapologetic Living: Battle Scars Left Behind.

Stand Your Ground & Fight For You.

Good Morning Everyone,

There was another post scheduled for you today, but I woke up this morning with something massive on my heart that I wanted to share with you.

Retraining people on how to treat you.

The harsh reality is when you decide to choose you, not everyone is going to embrace your decision. That is the truth. There will be people in your life you thought you had a stable relationship with (family members, mentors, friends) who will resist your choice to live free. They will call you selfish. You will be accused of being arrogant. A user. Acting brand new etc. Life, at first, will be a bumpy roller coaster ride with a sharp twist and harsh turns. Your emotions will be all over the place due to the surprises and sorrows from learning how they really feel about you……..BUT STAND YOUR GROUND & BE STRONG! Get in the cart, strap down your harness, and get prepared for the roller coaster ride. NO matter what happens there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The Truth

When choosing you, you too will feel like you are doing something wrong. At first, you will question yourself. You will wonder if you are mean, selfish, and a heartless person. You are used to being super nice without boundaries, open to doing whatever someone needs you to do for them. You too are operating outside of your comfort zone. There are peaks and valleys you will experience emotionally, but again I say, STAY STRONG! This too shall pass. Everything will eventually work out for good.

Me Unscripted

When riding my roller coaster experience, I learned that I had a lot of people in my life with the same personality trait. Their “love” for me was conditional. The more I provided what they needed, I was super dope in their eyes. The moment I said to myself, “You know what, I am going to put this energy into myself and what I enjoy doing.” All hell broke loose.

Now that my eyes are open, hell breaking loose isn’t always a bad thing. It is a learning experience that left behind a few battle wounds. Scars can be ugly, but they are also reminders of what I’ve been through. They are also reminders of my growth. They are reminders of my courage to move forward. They are reminders of my STRENGTH!

Share your thoughts. Is there a time in your life where you had to fight to remain whole? 

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