Let’s Be Clear: Who Am I Speaking Too?

Today is January 4. The official launch date for KeiannaJohnson.com. I am excited to have a series of conversations with you about a subject I’ve learned to appreciate through life experience. A course entitled ” Lifes Lessons” where the cycle of passing and failing test seems to be almost never ending. I had found the beauty in what it means to be human. Living life and making choices for my life that are 100% in my best interest. And not giving a damn of what someone else (who has never walked a mile in my shoes) has to say. Did this Christian woman just say damn? Hell yeah, I said damn! I am fighting to keep my head above water, and I don’t have time to be politically correct because of someone feeling uncomfortable. I am not in the business of being anyone else but myself.

In all, honesty, we are all traveling a road called life. There is always an obstacle waiting to test our physical and emotional growth. Due to our human nature, we are not always going to pass the test, BUT IT IS OK! Does practice make perfect? Or shall I ask,  Does practice make the process of living a whole lot easier? Beating ourselves up isn’t going to do anything but kill our spirit. Accepting who we are is the first step in living.

Now don’t get it twisted. I am not talking to those of you who enjoy being buttholes. You know who you are. You are selfish little ticks who sucks the life out of people who have supported you. You are users with the audacity to be judgemental of everyone around you. You are hardly ever supportive of other people. Let’s be clear; Nothing good will ever come your way because you are dishonest. Learn to come clean first, and then maybe we can talk……moving on.


To you my friends who are ready to live unapologetically, before we can move forward in our new found freedom in living out loud, we first have to acknowledge that we haven’t been good to ourselves. Giving our all to keep life functional for everyone around us while we are living in an internal hell filled with anger and resentment. The takers (whoever that is to you) are happy with the role we play in their life, but many of us are not satisfied because they (The takers) are not paying attention enough to see that we also need to be restored. These kinds of relationships are often one sided.

But honestly, if we examine carefully, we can’t be angry with the takers. They watch us neglect ourselves all the time. We’ve shown them how to treat us. We taught them how to judge us when who are not performing at our 100% best. We taught them how to use us. How? You maybe be asking. Because there were never, any boundaries created to protect our best interest. We have become toxic and slowly killing ourselves. Loving ourselves became second. We can no longer be second if we are to live a happy life.


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